welcome to rehabilitation center safe havens

Safe Havens is Asia’s premiere drug and alcohol treatment facility located in the heart of Bangkok, the capital and spiritual center of Thailand.

We have an experienced, international team of accredited counselors and brand new facilities to make your recovery with us as beneficial and comfortable as possible.

We have only one goal at Safe Havens, to help people with
addictions return to happy, productive, and healthy lives.

treatment commitment

Our values are rooted in our commitment. We firmly believe in:

  • Treating each person with dignity and respect.
  • Providing care and guidance in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Following the Twelve-Step philosophy from AA and NA.
  • Using qualified professionals and holistic therapy for the treatment of substance dependency.

We have helped hundreds of people recover in Europe and Asia and we hope you will join us and begin your healing process at rebabilitation center Safe Havens